Why Invest In Arkansas?

Located in the middle of the United States, Arkansas boasts unparalleled natural beauty and economic opportunity. Arkansas is home to some of the largest industries in the world making it an ideal place for innovation and business development.

With low unemployment and the third lowest cost of doing business in the U.S., Arkansas is primed for businesses to succeed.

Arkansas has 85 designated Opportunity Zones and a robust network of educational, philanthropic, government, financial, and non-profit organizations ready to aid and ensure the success of Opportunity Zones.

Arkansas has conformed to the federal income tax rules of Opportunity Zones.

In other words, people investing in Opportunity Zones in Arkansas may enjoy the same tax incentives at the state level. Thus, increasing the benefit for investors and incentivizing growth in low-income areas.

Opportunity Arkansas is ready to help you find the right Opportunity Zone investment for you. For more information, contact us or explore current eligible investment projects.

To learn more about Arkansas, visit the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Arkansas has 85 qualified Opportunity Zones

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